Photographer / Consultant / Content Creator

Ozlem Dinc

I wear many hats, and I absolutely love the variety of experiences this brings into my life.

I am a professional photographer.  I do portraits… and videos sometimes. I love black and white. I like to adopt a documentary “portraits with interview” approach in my personal projects.

I am a producer and the co-founder of Loyka Visual Arts, a documentary film and cultural events production company. Besides the creative direction and production process, I mainly deal with marketing, PR, financial and strategic aspects of our projects. This is where we are involved in music, food and any kind of greatness with really cool people.

I am a consultant. I am “the eye”. I assess projects in details and advice/coach creatives and organisations about their creative content, production process, budgeting, funding applications, sales and marketing.

I am a content creator. I shoots stories around people, interview them and share the wisdom I find with others… in a podcast. I believe in self-development and mentorship, so I write about it on my blog. (podcast and blog under construction)

I live in London and fluently speak English, French and Turkish. I work in my own photography studio located in Highbury, Islington (London).
I am available to travel in the UK and internationally.

Find me at info @ for your booking and partnership requests.